Why VOXR? What makes VOXR unique?

W​hy VOXR?
W​hat makes VOXR so unique?

We are often asked how VOXR differs from other tools and what makes VOXR so unique.

The uniqueness of VOXR has many different reasons. We often learn this through customers' feedback from satisfied VOXR users, including many government agencies (where the use of digital tools often has to meet significantly higher security standards).

VOXR​ is...


  • 100% GDPR-compliant.
  • 100% anonymous.
  • No IP-Logging or storage.
  • Decicated servers, no 3rd party.
  • Password protection.

100% EASY

  • No download.
  • The whole event - one link.
  • Easiest mobile phone participation.
  • Easy control for event organisors.
  • In most cases no WiFi needed.

100% SMART

  • SMART controll.
  • SMART security.
  • SMART design
  • SMART interaction.

VOXR - ​the company:

VOXR Story: ​Not just a "Tool", ​but event ​success

​Legal security: GDPR + NDA

​Maximum participation: Accessibility

​Naturally: Social and open employer

​General information about the tool:

​The principle: VOXR ONE

​Unique structure

​Unique: On every device, but also from every device!​

​Clear guidance: Focus Control

​Openess: For an international audience

Event information ​with VOXR​:

​Uniquely fast

​Uniquely ​interactive

​Uniquely ​expandable

Interaction ​with VOXR:

​Practical: ​VOXR Voting

Clever: Brainstorming ​with SMARTCloud ​(at the Munich Patent Office)

​Award-winning: Panel Discussion and Speaker Q&A with Smart Q&A

​For the one-man show: audience questions with Silent Q&A

​Unique: Workshop functions

​This is only a selection of VOXR's possibilities. If you miss something, let us know! Maybe it already exists - or it will be built soon!

We would be delighted to work with you to make your event(s) modern, interactive and effective.