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VoxR helps at local, state and federal level.
Because administrations can be modern too.

VoxR also makes its know-how from business events available to the public sector.

Experience shows that local, federal and state authorities as well as companies and associations can benefit from VoxR.

By the way: VoxR regularly wins public RFPs due to its uniqueness.

VoxR helps administrations too.

... besides the quality the fun is also guaranteed.

Since our event was also aimed at older people, we were curious to see how large the participation would be. As a presenter, it was therefore all the more enjoyable to see so many good-humoured people eagerly using their mobile phones, especially as it had also promoted the exchange with the person sitting next to us or the neighbour. For us, VoxR methodically enriched the day and, thanks to the word clouds, also helped in the aftermath to present our results in the social media in a way that was effective for the public. We find the tool to be a good supplement to classical moderation methods, as it records the digital trend and at the same time visualizes moods and results in real time - and besides the quality, fun is also guaranteed.

Delia Balzer Netzwerk Manager

VoxR has contributed a lot to the success of our event.

We used VoxR at our general meeting with about 700 participants to actively involve our members in the event. This was an enrichment for us and our guests, as we were able to build a bridge from the stage to the audience and received real, unfiltered opinions. VoxR has contributed a lot to the success of our event.

Dr. Marco Trips President, Lower Saxony Association of Towns and Municipalities

The Federal Ministry was very satisfied

Our event at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research showed that VoxR is really as simple as promised. The audience simply enjoyed it and we received a lot of positive feedback. The Control View worked smoothly, even on a small iPhone. From our point of view, VoxR is a successful overall concept, in which you notice from the first consultation to the event that it is made and accompanied by event professionals.

Jonas Riemenschneider Event manager, familie redlich, Agentur für Marken und Kommunikation AG
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