​Brainstorming: VOXR SMARTCloud

The only really secure event word cloud.

Successful VOXR clients

Not every wordcloud is a good wordcloud.

The VOXR SMARTCloud is not a conventional word cloud.

Why not?

Because conventional word clouds...

... are not 100% event-safe and
... don't show what the majority really thinks.

Compare for yourself: 

You ask your audience for ideas to improve the working environment.

Your audience will enter thoughts about the CEO, for example: "Replace the CEO".
Do you want to see something like this in your word cloud? No. Probably not.
You don't see it in the VOXR SMARTCloud.

Traditional Wordcloud

  • Uncertain: All entries are displayed 1:1 (including unwanted entries).
  • "Replace the CEO" is fully visible in the word cloud as a whole entry.
  • Unstructured: Due to a lack of clustering, no focal points can be identified.
traditional wordcloud


  • Secure: All entries are clustered by topic.
  • "Replace the CEO" is hidden in the cloud behind the topic "CEO" and cannot be read as a complete input.
  • Intelligent: focal interests are easy to identify (topic "working hours").
smart cloud

The most effective brainstorming is free, unlimited and uncensored.

The best Wordcloud is the one that can safely absorb and intelligently process free and uncensored thoughts.

The VOXR SMARTCloud combines both in a unique way:
Full freedom of thought for the audience.
Full security for the organizer.

Events for companies, authorities and associations: A word cloud should be two things above all, SECURE and INTELLIGENT!

And not every word cloud can claim that.
The VOXR SMARTCloud does.

Word clouds should show us what the majority thinks.

To do that you have to...

...let everyone speak freely and unrestrictedly.

...sort the thoughts received and cluster them.

Both of these points make the VOXR SMARTCloud unique and innovative!

And that is why the VOXR SMARTCloud has already won several awards:

See the VOXR SMARTCloud live in action:

Video: CeBIT Opening with 2000 VIPs incl. Vice Chancellor

Video is in German, but you can still see how effective the VOXR SMARTCloud is!

How is the SMARTCloud secure when anyone can write anything?

The short answer is:

Anyone can enter anything. But not everything is displayed!

  • ... because it has a built-in (multilingual) swearword filter, which also constantly learns new things.
  • ... because it always finds the contained topics from any free text input.
  • Only if YOU want it, the whole entries are shown selectively, controlled, clear and without surprises.

The VOXR SMARTCloud is the only intelligent word cloud that finds topics from whole sentences, clusters them and then filters them.

Event professionals know: The idea of a WordCloud for events is basically good - but conventional word cloud tools are often not sufficient for business events.

You want real ideas and not just keywords?
Then start with SMARTCloud:

VOXR SMARTCloud ​is specially designed for brainstorming in business meetings and conferences.

Always WITHOUT download, can be used on any device

VOXR is an online tool. NO download for your participants, NO download for you. VOXR can be set up and operated on any device (including your smartphone!). Participants can participate from any Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.


Secure Brainstorms with the

VOXR SMARTCloud solves the classic problem of Event-WordClouds:

How do you prevent unwanted things from happening on the wall? E.g. "The CEO should finally step down".

The VOXR SMART cloud can do just that (and much more) - see how:

Swear word filter (also multilingual)

Vulgar words ("idiot") are automatically filtered out and are not displayed in the topic cloud. There is a default swearword filter for this, but the SMARTCloud "learns to learn": it will add manually filtered terms to its auto filter in the future.

VOXR swear word filter
filter for unwanted input

Advanced filter for the unwanted 

In addition to clear swear words, there is also simply "undesirable", e.g. " replace the CEO". The SMARTCloud filters such things and prevents unwanted things from appearing on the screen: it finds the topic "CEO" in the input and displays it in the SMARTCloud, but it is not possible to read the entire input.

SmartAlgorithm: Immediate recognition of focal point interests

The VOXR SMARTCloud is the only intelligent Wordcloud that finds the TOPICS contained within whole sentences and automatically clusters them. Thus, the focus interests from the audience become immediately and effortlessly visible and can be used for further moderation or result analysis.


Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

SmartAlgorithm: Automatic merging of multiword terms

1. VOXR already knows a lot of multiword terms
There is already a large pool of multiword terms that VOXR already "knows" and automatically plays out correctly.

2. the VOXR AI learns additionally during your event
If several different people enter "industry 4.0", VOXR recognizes that this is a technical term in this context - and automatically merges it.

SmartAlgorithm: Automatically merge similar entries

The VOXR SMARTCloud automatically detects similar entries and merges them: singular and plural or spelling differences.

auto translates

OPTIONAL: Edit the cloud before unlocking it

Most of the time it is not necessary, but if you want you can edit the cloud before unlocking it:

  • Merge terms (if VOXR did not merge them automatically).
  • Hide individual topics from the cloud.
  • Correct spelling mistakes (if VOXR did not correct them automatically).
  • Combine clouds from several different interactions.

Ask different segments!

Does one location think differently than another? Women different from men? The headquarters different from the satellite locations?

With VOXR GROUPS you can have any VOXR action automatically segmented. ​And so get completely new insights!

And all this without separate sessions - and thus without training further technicians or moderators!

Click to enlarge

Let VOXR evaluate the event feedback for you

Use VOXR SmartFeedback for your event feedback: fast, easy, smart. Without feedback forms and time-consuming evaluation. Smart feedback is possible with VOXR FastVote or SMARTCloud.

EXTRA: Have you guests ask questions in their native language

The VOXR Babel add on complements SMARTCloud, SMART Q&A and Silent Q&A for international audiences.

Your audience enter thoughts and questions in their native language, VOXR autoatically translates, filters swear words and outputs the results in a monolingual WordCoud or as a translated single question.

Reduce the uncertainty of your guests with 100% anonymity 

Anonymity increases participation exponentially! Your guests are 100% safe and anonymous with every VOXR interaction. All inputs and votes are anonymous, we never ask for names, not even IP addresses are logged. 

The VOXR interaction in an event is that simple:

Click to enlarge

  1. 1
    Select the desired action.
  2. 2
    Unlock action.
  3. 3
    Display results.

Your participants can take part so easily:

Enter the VOXR participants link.

... and (Inter-) Action!

No session code! No pin! Without Download! Without App!
Also successfully tested with "older participants"!

This is how the SMARTCloud works in an event:

Any free text input

  • Free input of thoughts and ideas in whole sentences.
  • No character limit.
  • No limitation to keywords or topics.

Smart topics cloud

  • Recognize which topics are included in all inputs.
  • Auto-filtering for swearwords and unwanted things.
  • Auto clustering by focal points.

And of course you can also edit entries and topics before activating the result cloud:

Input and 

Manuell Check

100% secure

The VOXR Control View offers a preview of the topic cloud and a sorted list of all found topics.

So the SMARTCloud is 100% editable - before unlocking.

1 click removes an unwanted topic before unlocking it. And afterwards you can correct spelling mistakes, delete topics from the cloud or merge them with other topics, join multiple clouds, etc...

Optimal for live events and their post-processing.

Why event professionals love VOXR SMARTCloud:


... the immediate results as a theme cloud was extremely helpful.

We used VOXR as a supporting tool for our yearly Bayer Safety Day which adresses saftety at the workplace. We simultaneously pulled inputs from two sites. This parallel input along with the immediate results as a theme cloud was extremely helpful. VOXR motivated our workforce to give input and feedback. As a result, through VOXR we received many really interesting ideas and thoughts for further use in our work!

Bernd Kontenak , Bayer, Occupational & Environment Protection

... an added value and impressed all members...

Tim Schlüter facilitated our Sales-Workshop comprising of participants from the three different language regions of Switzerland. We particularly enjoyed his professionalism from A to Z and his sociability. The webtool VOXR which Tim brought with him, was an added value and impressed all members including the management. Our French speaking guest were integrated in their own language (French) which for us as a multi-lingual company was a key factor for the choice of the host. I can really recommend Tim Schlüter and his company and would book him at any other time.

Dominique Grecchi , Head of IT Infrastructure

Thanks for the great tool!

We have used VOXR in different ways for our continuing education event. On the one hand, we asked questions about expectations, which were then reflected in the cloud typical of VOXR. On the other hand, we also used VOXR for moderated commenting on lectures. The audience accepted the tool very easily and gladly, and even missed it when we didn't use it once. Our speakers found VOXR an enrichment, as they were able to respond directly to the comments of the participants. We were impressed by the simplicity for the audience as well as by the closeness that resulted from the use of this feedback technique between the podium and the guests. - Thanks for the great tool!

Katrin Boege , Moderator, Federal Association of Accident Insurances

The proven special WordCloud for business conferences.

  • Award-winning: uniquely intelligent filter and cluster algorithm.
  • Full freedom of thought for participants.
  • Full security for organizers.
  • Automatic overview of key topics.
  • Additionally editable = full control at any time.
  • Optional: Foreign languages are translated live and incorporated into the cloud.

Your whole event - one single tool.
​Including SmartCloud - only here at VOXR.