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... like reading minds - only safer!

Video (in German): CeBIT Opening with 2000 VIPs incl. German Vice Chancellor:

VoxR SMARTCloud - the special WordCloud especially for business events:

  • ​Any input: not just keywords, but whole sentences or questions!
  • Secure live online WordCloud, no download.
  • ​Real-time analysis of input. ​No nonsense on the wall! SMART algorithm hides unwanted entries.
  • WordCloud ​optionally ​editable before live switching = full control.
  • 100% anonymous, 100% GDPR-compliant, German server.

Successfull VoxR Clients:

VoxR clients

​Why is the SMARTCloud secure when anyone can write anything?

Event professionals know: The idea of a WordCloud for events is generally good - but especially for business events, a WordCloud has to be two-fold: secure and intelligent.

The VoxR SMARTCloud by TV and event presenter Tim Schlüter offers the solution for this.

​Here is the SMART process in the event:

Input and SMART-Check

Guests can enter whatever (and as much as) they want. No moderation a la "only one term" or similar necessary! Participants can enter whole sentences and questions. The VoxR SMART algorithm clears up intelligently!

Example:  With " I find Europe stupid " - "stupid" does not appear in the cloud ... the "Europe" however does, VoxR SMARTCloud has recognized it.

Manual Check

With preview and a sorted list of all found topics, you can manually revise them.

With one click you hide unwanted topics before you go live.

While you are live, you can combine topics or correct spelling mistakes. You can also do both in the follow-up for the documentation.

100% secure Live!

The VoxR SMART Cloud has also automatically recognized "EU" as belonging to Europe and assigned it to it.

You could - if you like - manually merge "Erdogan" and "Turkey" before you show the cloud to the audience.

You already have automatic full security - and additionally you can manually adjust the cloud topics if you like - unique!

​Why event professionals love VoxR SMARTCloud:

... so it was obviously a big success!

I asked myself beforehand whether VoxR was really that simple. But the VoxR team was able to clear up all my worries step by step, and after the test run my insecurity was completely removed. Today I know: VoxR is not only simple, but the operation in the event is even fun. The audience was also enthusiastic: VoxR has shaken people awake, attracted attention and the audience simply felt serious and noticed. Suddenly the event was more lively. In addition, there was also a new valuable topic of conversation that we would not have had without VoxR. In the end, enthusiastic colleagues of ours wanted to know how to get the tool, so it was obviously a great success!

Hannah Schmitz Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

500 questions collected in one minute

We used VoxR live in a global change process with 750 participants, of whom about 500 also entered questions. VoxR immediately clustered the topics live so that we could ask our experts directly about the most frequently requested topics. The anonymity of VoxR has also shown the frequency of questions that are really important, which actually has promoted the process. The simplicity of VoxR convinced us and has already led to inquiries from external and internal partners in our company. In any case, we will continue to work with it.

Michaela Bühler Head of Strategy Realization Office

Thanks for the great tool!

We have used VoxR in different ways for our continuing education event. On the one hand, we asked questions about expectations, which were then reflected in the cloud typical of VoxR. On the other hand, we also used VoxR for moderated commenting on lectures. The audience accepted the tool very easily and gladly, and even missed it when we didn't use it once. Our speakers found VoxR an enrichment, as they were able to respond directly to the comments of the participants. We were impressed by the simplicity for the audience as well as by the closeness that resulted from the use of this feedback technique between the podium and the guests. - Thanks for the great tool!

Katrin Boege Moderator, Federal Association of Accident Insurances

Test it now:
VoxR SMARTCloud - The proven special WordCloud for business events.

​Want more? Then have a look at our further options:

And Optional: Zoom into the cloud!

You can "zoom in" to the Wordcloud during and after the event and see what has been entered.

Why is that good? It creates the perfect Q&A method... See it here: VoxR CloudQ&A!

And if it gets international? - VoxR SMARTCloud and BABEL!

VoxR SMARTCloud is the unique multilingual WordCloud.
Inputs from the audience are immediately translated live and integrated by the SMART algorithm!

Unique, especially for diverse audiences, because: From our experience 20% of participants don't respond to the request "Please give your Input in English". This also creates a bilingual Cloud which may lead to duplicate topics that aren't grouped together. However with VoxR SMARTCloud and BABEL-AddON you make your cloud, you and your event look clean!

VoxR SMARTCloud - The proven special WordCloud for business events.