VOXR: simple!

VOXR works.
Pure Simplicity. No Kidding.

VOXR is simple. No Download. No App.

Just one simple online link for:

  • Your Audience(for all VOXR Modules the same link). 
  • The  Control-View (für Operator oder Presenter)
  • The Presentation of results (Laptop connected to presenter)

No Download. NoApp-Store. No PIN. Just works.

Important: Through the Control View you have always full control over the action, i.e. what the audience can do and what is shown on mobile phones and result screen.

VOXR is simple

Just 12 minutes is the avarage time VOXR-clients spend "learning" to operate the system. After that, they start voxrin' away with their team!

Simple for the audience

Simple for the operator

Simple for presenters, chairs and speakers

Simple for organisers

Simple for decision makers

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