Hi, nice to meet you!

We are people who have been working in and with the event industry for a long time and have learned one thing: Success is where interaction takes place, where audiences and experts come together at eye level.

When it has been possible to build bridges from the stage into the audience, everyone says: "That was really exciting!" Creating these lasting experiences - and results - is at the core of what we do.

VOXR ​People


Tim Schlüter

Founder & CEO

Andreas Müller

Lead Product Developer

Julia Wolfert


Elisabeth Kürsten

Event consulting

Catalin Waack

Product Developer

Alisher Holstein

Event consulting

Marc Michalke

System Administrator

VOXR Clients

Most VOXR Clients have little time at their hands.

The event they're planning is just a small part of their job description.

But it is a part worth doing well.​

That's why we don't only deliver software. We know your time is precious and assist with listening, thinking and acting jointly with you - to make your event great!

Successfull VOXR Clients:

VOXR clients

VOXR Philosophy

We believe in simplicity.
In work, event and communication.

We believe ideas are helpful, but practice is king.
Or: The truth always makes itself known.

We believe that work can be fun, in fact it should be fun.
before, during and after events.

We believe in security for data, people and events.
And the right to, and the power of anonymity.

We believe in freedom and flexibility.
Whoever makes events must be able to react quickly

and with ease.

And we believe in genuine human exchange, 
both between event visitors, and in the VOXR community.

Welcome to VOXR. We look forward to working with you!

VOXR Awards

At VOXR we're proud to have been acclaimed on several occasions for our innovative approach to events. We received the startup impuls award of our origin region Hannover, Germany. We came in third at the Vodafon-Connect Award, and just recently won the international FRESH Audience Interaction Awards 2018.

Connect Award
Fresh Award

Meet us live!

We're not an anonymous internet service. We're real people, loving events and meeing other people. That's why you'll see us at the most prestigious events of the industry. To hear where the industry is at. What works and where we might help improve even more things at events. We'd love to talk to you!

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​And now? Test VOXR live!

The best way to start to get to know us, is to experience what we do.

Because doing supersedes thinking almost always.