Hi, nice to meet you! We are VOXR...

We are people who have been working in and with the event industry for a long time and have learned one thing: Success is where interaction takes place, where audiences and experts come together at eye level.

When it has been possible to build bridges from the stage into the audience, everyone says: "That was really exciting!" Creating these lasting experiences - and results - is at the core of what we do.

VOXR ​People


Tim Schlüter

Founder & CEO,


​Event consulting

Andreas Müller

Lead Product Developer

Julia Wolfert


Elisabeth Kürsten

Event consulting

Catalin Waack

Product Developer

Marc Michalke

System Administrator

​... and this is our philosophy:

We believe in solutions.
"Features" are beautiful. But what counts is
"on the square."

We believe in security.
For company data, people and events.

We believe in ​guidance in events.
Targeted commitment instead of a forest of opportunities.

And we believe in the power of exchange,
between event participants, or also between planners and us.

... and strictly speaking, we don't just believe all this: we ​​see it at our customers.

​We are looking forward to seeing you!

The best way to start to get to know us, is to experience what we do.

​Because what counts is ​if it really works.

You are in good company:

Successful VOXR clients