Sofware Specialists for any use case.

More than anything, events are team work. Only when all players involve work really together like a charm, magic will happen. Here's software that has been proven to improve events - and many of them can be integrated into VOXR.


Very flexible guest management solution. Dove tailing perfectly with VOXR - and: your Video System, be it Zoom or Gotowebinar, or ...

Interprefy Translation Services

Interprefy.com - Translations for Events, perfect to accompany voxr.org/babel

LINEUP Ninja Abstract Organisor

Manage Abstracts easily And integrate yor finished agenda and speaker line up right into VOXR too!

Brella.io Networking. Easy!

Brella.io: Truly working Networking Method and Tool. Works from within VOXR!

AuXala Logo

Auxala - Livestreaming within VOXR