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VoxR FastVote

The world's fastest, easiest and most secure event voting tool
100% GDPR compliant.

The Voting Tool that VIPs trust

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    Without an app
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    Without downloading
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    Real-time results
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    100% GDPR compliant

Extremly fast

Set up a voting with four clicks - that's a record. Also flexible during the event.

Results appear in real time. In front of your audience. There is a reason why FastVote is called FASTVote.

Extremely flexible

No event ever went as it was planned. In sharp contrast to other voting tools, VoxR recognizes this and let's you skip and/or jump around in your planned order of actions as you please - or the event requires.
Change, create or skip spontaneously with just 4 clicks. SMART!

100% GDPR compliant

VoxR has always been 100% anonymous. We don't even record IPs in our database. So we're not only GDPR compliant, we're not even within the Scope of GDPR. For you this means just sooo much less work, communications and worry with the workers council, CSO, DPAs, etc. None of this. Just complete peace of mind and data security.

Try out FastVote now!

VoxR FastVote has been designed so participants can directly access it via one simple link.

Just put in your email and we'll send you the 1-min test so you can try it out for yourself!

We process your data only to process your inquiry and any follow-up questions. We will also provide you with further information and tips on event interaction and the use of the VoxR tool. You can unsubscribe at any time. No spam. Data protection.

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