VOXR ONE: Your event – all in one link.

Event information: VOXR Info-Guide
Agile event communication without download. SMART.

  • All event infomation - live.
  • All-in-One: only 1 link, no download!
  • Seamlessly integrated: smart interaction.
  • No programming needed. Presentable in 6 minutes, with own branding.
  • ... and everything under YOUR control - even from your own mobile phone!

Welcome to VOXR ONE!

Your whole event, created in minutes, in your design:



Feedback einholen

Round or square


Einladung verschicken

Multiple languages availble

VOXR ONE can be changed to your CI branding in SECONDS (in fact it's under 60 seconds)!

No more "Are we getting the presentations?"
Never again "When does the break finish?"
Never again "Boring!"

Instead: Action, clarity, top event feedback!

The three ingredients for top event feedback...


Participants are appropriately informed.


Participants will be guided appropriately


Participants can contribute opinions and questions (filtered)

...and that's exactly what you achieve, highly agile, very easily:

Info and anticipation in the morning.

Participants are oriented. Printing work for agenda etc. is over!


Focused actions throughout the day.

 You as organizer switch between info view and live questions.

Service and sustainability in the evening.

Feedback, train connection home, presentation download. A round finale!

Bahn Navigator

VOXR ONE offers you all this.
You choose what suits your event:






+ ​MORE...






and MORE

and optionally also these and further integrations:





​... and so easily you display live, agily, exactly the information on the mobile phones of the guests you want to display.
(no more, no less, agile guidance at the right moment)

Can be controlled from any device, even with your mobile phone!

Dynamisches schalten der VOXR Event-App

And how do you get from the "web app" to interaction?

Simply at the right point you can focus on interaction:

You click - the mobile phones of the guests are transformed from info-app to voting-pad:

Umschalten zwischen Event-App und Interaktion

Ingeniously agile.
Ingeniously simple. For every business event.

Optional: Extend the effect of your event with pre and post event!


Info and anticipation BEFORE the event...

  • You can send VOXR ONE already with the confirmation mail
  • Instead of long info mails you just write: "You'll find everything you need here!" Click here!
  • Without downloading, your participants have everything at a glance. On the desktop as well as on the mobile phone!
  • Agenda, location map, arrival, etc... are already accessible in advance.
  • Optional: Present a welcome message in the video!
  • Optional. Make an integrated preliminary query with SMART-Questions!

Focusing and action DURING the event...

  • Everything for orientation is on arrival on the mobile phone: surroundings map, room plans, agenda. Your participant feels well guided.
  • With VOXR's agile PUSH content, you'll get exactly the information you want throughout the day: Sponsors, lunchtime information, itinerary updates, etc. LIVE.
  • Interaction? Voting? Q&A. With one click from you, all mobile phones change their appearance. And show exactly the action the participants are supposed to do NOW.
  • You always draw the attention and focus of the guests to exactly what is relevant in the event.
Bahn Navigator

Service and Sustainability AFTER the Event!

  • Provide all important post-event information after the event: Departure, train connections, photo snapshots, results, etc.
  • Get your event feedback with feedback queries.
  • Give your guests thanks and good wishes on the way.

The highlight: No registration necessary! Therefore: 100% data protection safe.


All VOXR-Interactions are 100 % GDPR compliant.
Exclusive to VOXR:
We do not even store the IP address of your participants.


The VOXR tool is completely hosted on our own servers. We do not transmit event data to anyone and have no 3rd party involved.


Everything is optionally able to be protected. A password for your control panel and the results screen and/or for the users of the event-"app".


Upon request, all security-relevant aspects can be contractually guaranteed in a non-disclosure agreement.

Can be used on any device WITHOUT download

VOXR is an online tool. NO download for your participants, no download for you. VOXR can be set up and operated on any device (including your smartphone!). Participants can participate from any Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.

Online. KEIN Download.

VOXR inspires conferences. 
Well that's what VOXR customers say: 

Fits perfectly in the time and to the wishes of our customers!

Web-based audience interaction without cumbersome app downloads - this fits perfectly into the time and the wishes of our customers. At the CeBIT Welcome-Night, for example, the guests in the hall were able to name their personal trade fair highlights with their smartphones. This brought the CeBIT Welcome Night very close to the pulse of the trade audience. We have been working with Tim Schlüter's team for years and look forward to more events!

Christoph Kirst Creative Director

COMPASS is that 'One more Thing'

The addition of COMPASS is that "one more thing" and opened up a wide range of great possibilities for us - even beyond the "classic" event. For example, the BevermannAcademy now organizes webinars with COMPASS: All information, all preliminary queries, all information to be collected as well as the implementation itself are handled interactively and collaboratively in COMPASS, perfectly integrated with the VOXR suite - really great!

Steffen Chalupny Managing Director BevermannAcademy

Volkswagen Group Fleet International

We learned about VOXR's capabilities as part of our yearly volume car dealer congress. The tool enabled us to visualize the outcomes of our three different workshops in a very nifty and concise way, which received numerous specific positive mentions in our after-show feedback questionnaire. VOXR also enabled us to transfer the workshop outcomes in a very clear and visual way around the organization. Having made this experience we have already decided to use VOXR in a forthcoming training series too and are looking forward to the feedback to this new way of interaction in this series as well!

​VOXR - awared winning at:

Gründerwettbewerb Hannover Region
Breakthrough Award 2017
Fresh Award
Launchpad Event Tech Live

Your whole event - one single tool.