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VoxR Cloud Q&A

World's first and only Q&A Method, that brings results riskfree.
Every time. Simple.

See why and how:

Super easy input:

No Download - just a simple browser link!

This ease of use drives particitpatin up to 80% (historically proven)

Safety layer SMART Cloud:

Show the most sought after TOPICS immediately, filtered, clusterd and ranked for interest. Transparency WITHOUT the actuall questions.

Full control deep dive:

"Zoom in" Only you decide which topic and which specific question you want to show. Since you never showed ALL the questions, no one is disappointed you did not choose them or says you "censored".

   NEW OPTION: VoxR BABEL allows for multilingual inputs from the audience, instantly translated!

Try out VoxR Cloud Q&A for free!

Step 1: What VoxR Name would you like?(can be changed later)?


Step 2: Where would you like to send your VoxR to?

Test without any obligation. No purchase. We'll never give your email to a third party.

We process your data only to process your inquiry and any follow-up questions. We will also provide you with further information and tips on event interaction and the use of the VoxR tool. You can unsubscribe at any time. No spam. Data protection.

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