VOXR Babel


International audience? VOXR BABEL has got you covered!

Instant translations make it so much easier to interact with your diverse audience.
Your audience can enter their questions in 7 different languages and everything is instantly translated to one of the 4 VOXR language options.

Short summary of how BABEL comes into play during Q&A and panel discussions:

Easy Input in native language

​​The audience can enter the questions anonymously in different languages. The language is automatically recognized and immediately translated with BABEL. This is 100% ​GDPR compliant.

"Safety Buffer"

​The entries are first translated in the background by VOXR. Only then unwanted words are filtered (so the filter is even more effective) and then clustered. Now the entries are automatically combined to topics in a wordcloud in the target language. The wordcloud thus remains cleanly monolingual. 

Controlled Deep Dive

"Zoom in" to the most interesting topics and show only the questions of your choice. ​You work in the target language (here: english, above) - but the source language (here: german, below) is also displayed for "proof"!

Successful VOXR clients

​VOXR BABEL: Take them all with you.
​Including the ones who are not so ​sure in the foreign language.