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Do you want to boast digital "features", or hold successful conference?

GoVirtual is the full-service virtual event package from professionals. For Professionals.

Successful VOXR conference customers (excerpt):

Successful VOXR clients

The online conferencing madness is in full swing.


Does anybody ​has any clue anymore?

  • Everyone rushes from one tool to the next
  • makes feature lists and data protection ​comparisons
  • defines "must-haves" in excel ​tables
  • is brainstorming about what ​perhaps ​would be possible...

But what is missing is experience, a content concept and a plan.
And you can buy all this simply.

GoVirtual - The complete package for virtual conferences

  • Online location: We provide a conference center (webinar room) + break rooms (meeting rooms) online. Including all necessary presets for best functionality and data protection.
  • Conference concept: Online conferences work differently than face-to-face conferences. We have a finished concept for you, aimed at best participation. Adaptations are possible.
  • Keep participants attached: With the 8-1-8 keynote method and VOXR SMART-Questions for Q&A, participants are guaranteed to stay tuned.
  • Moderation and conference management: Tim Schlüter as an experienced live and TV presenter will moderate and guide through the conference. Including technical management.
  • Speaker briefing: Speakers need to shorten their content and become familiar with the technology. We can take care of that for you.
  • Networking: Networking facilities are available in the breakout rooms.
Virtual Conference Center

NEW and included: The GoVirtual online conference "hotel" 

Virtual Conference Center
GoVirtual Zoom Speaker

Moderator + Speaker in the conference

  • The GoVirtual online conference "hotel" has been developed by the VOXR team on the basis of more than 50 intensive event consultings during corona and has seen the first events as early as April 2020.
  • These Real paid business events during corona have shown that the usability (everyone getting in + finding workshoprooms + back) works smoothlessly with zero attendee loss
  • It's based on a European video conferencing software with servers based in data sensitive Germany, thus full GDPR compliance + more.
  • Including Reception, Foyer hall, Main and workshop rooms and (optionally) exhibition area for sponsors or poster sessions.

Multiple Awards winning: Structured, stress-free audience Q&A with AI
SMART Questions

Structured Q&A and more

VOXR Tool auf einen Blick
  • Internationally award-winning Q&A method enables selective, structured Q&A, even with dozens or hundreds of participants.
  • VOXR personnel takes over the handling of the interaction tool in the meeting. 
  • Including anonymous voting.
  • Including integrated virtual conference folder.
  • Working with the "second screen" (mobile phones of the participants) provides ​activation and holds attention.
  • More on VOXR ​Q&A for smarter chat here.

The $1 million question: How do participants stay tuned?

The attention span is short. Especially online. Therefore, an attention-grabbing conference concept is needed. Before you start discussing it in a team, let us help you.

  1. Input presentation, workshops, networking: GoVirtual has real, easy-to-understand practical solutions for the central problems, which you can easily explain and then use internally.
  2. Shorten, turn around, segment: GoVirtual keeps the attention of the participants through this 3-step system
    1. ​Wiesly shorten inputs,
    2. Reverse communication (with an award-winning Q&A special method) and
    3. Segmant (not everybody has to hear the whole ​keynote). Further contents only where appropriate and valuable for the individual.

VOXR founder Tim Schlüter advises you and your team personally.

He has conducted several hundred interaction consultations in the last 5 years and has developed the Consulting concept from GoVirtual​. Previously, he was a TV presenter, TV programme manager and business conference presenter.

Virtual conference folder:
  • For the mobile phone next to the screen.
  • Freely configurable, clear information, digital and mobile.
  • Created in 20min, simply by copy/paste
    (from your existing material) !
  • Information that is really read. Clarity.
  • ... Clarity BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the online conference!
  •  More on that here.
Hier klicken für VOXR Infoguide
VOXR Infoguide

The conference concept as a blueprint
Successful in 3 x 60 minutes.

Click and see details:

Welcome / Keynote

- 5min buffer (as in the real event ...)
- Moderator welcomes
- briefly explains the procedure
- Interview host
-- Why event so important that now online instead of cancel? (here Status Quo of project/company can be integrated)
-- What does he wish for the next 3*50min?

Presentation 1 (8-1-8 min)

Interactive moderation with voting (e.g. "From 1-6: How fit do you feel about the topic xyz") or word cloud ("What is your first thought about the topic xyz?")

Then VOXR 8-1-8 presentation method:

(Max) 8 min: Speaker presents 3 - 4 core topics/themes of his previous offline presentation. (Mini-course prepared him for it, so the changeover took only 15min)

1 min Collect questions via mobile phone of participants with VOXR SMART Q&A (by moderator)

8 min: Q&A according to the MAIN topics requested, determined with VOXR SMART Q&A

Presentation 2 (8-1-8 min)

Like presentation 1

Interactive moderation
Then VOXR 8-1-8 method.

Coffee break (30 min)

During coffee breaks there are 3 separate, independent rooms available, through which you can change freely.

Room A: Speaker 1
Room B: Speaker 2

Room D: General coffee chat

It is also moderately explained that 1:1 calls between the participants during the breaks are not forbidden, but even desired (just like a 1:1 talk in a real event!).

In addition, TNs use the time for going to the toilet, (real!) coffee and child care in times of Corona.

In the Conference room the presenter and the speakers are always visible in the video. Speakers can show their presentation. The participants are muted and invisible. In the Breakout rooms all participants are present with video and sound (if they wish).

This 50 minute block can contain (like the other two)

  • 3 presentations in 8-1-8 format.
  • Or two of them + one self-doing action.
  • Or a workshop session, for which GoVirtual again offers ready-made formats.

Coffee break (30 min)

From coffee break 2 onwards, there are now 4 separate, independent rooms available, through which you can change freely.

Room A: Speaker 3
Room B: Speaker 4
Room C: Speaker 5

Room D: General coffee chat

It is also moderately explained that 1:1 calls between the participants during the breaks are not forbidden, but even desired (just like a 1:1 talk in a real event!).

In addition, TNs use the time for going to the toilet, (real!) coffee and child care in times of Corona.

Presentation 3 (8-1-8 min)

Like presentation 1

Interactive moderation
Then VOXR 8-1-8 method.

Presentation 4 (8-1-8 min)

Like presentation 1

Interactive moderation
Then VOXR 8-1-8 method.

Presentation 5 (8-1-8 min)

Like presentation 1

Interactive moderation
Then VOXR 8-1-8 method.

Take Away + Ciao (5min)

VOXR SMART Cloud Summary:
What did you take away from this virtual conference?

After all this information, what will you do differently from tomorrow?

Interview with hostess: What did HE / SHE take with him/her? what does he / she wish for as next steps, what does he / she wish to the audience?

Final coffee (20 min)

Room A: Speaker 6
Room B: Speaker 7
Room C: Speaker 8

Room D: General coffee chat

It is also moderately explained that 1:1 calls between the participants during the breaks are not forbidden, but even desired (just like a 1:1 talk in a real event!).

Your way online in a week, part one: you...

  1. Consider and discuss in the team whether you agree with our GoVirtual concept. ​
  2. If you have further questions, please have a look at our FAQ.  
  3. If you are not yet familiar with our tool and its Q&A function, you are welcome to have a look at it here VOXR SMART Q&A.

​4. If you then come to the conclusion that GoVirtual could be suitable for your planned event, arrange a first non-binding Free Consulting appointment . When you book an appointment, you upload the agenda (no matter how "raw" or "pre-Corona" it may be).

​5. We plan your event. 60-80%. And you get to know the conference room and the moderator.

​6. If you then say yes in conclusion, we need only two more calls - and you're "ready to ​go live online."

The Way, Part Two: We...

1. We develop in 2 further calls together with you and, if applicable, the team, the new, online-​suitable agenda.

2. We send the speakers the GoVirtual Speaker Training for a) the technical and b) for presentation (support for shortening, etc.)

3. We ​explain to the Participants in an e-mail follow-up how to ​participate ​and we remind them by e-mail.

4. We prepare the platform for you.

5​. We ​discuss the moderation with the speakers.

6. We manage the meeting technically and

7. moderate the meeting (TV presenter Tim Schlüter).

... and we look forward to another successful conference online!

What you get with GoVirtual and what not:

Your two main benefits of GoVirtual are 1. It works. 2. It is a clear process and it is fast. So that your communication arrives quickly and is effective.

What GoVirtual does

  • Providing one of our for years ​in live use tested ​online video platform structure incl. reception room which you can use tomorrow, without any previous knowledge, as we take care of everything (only speakers can be seen in the video, participants usually not).
  • Development of a guaranteed ​working agenda in a proven, structured development process, as we have been doing for years.
  • Speaker Training (Content, technical, presentation tips). Clear guidance of the speakers by a TV professional, who has guided VIPs in the TV studio through the process with tact and sensitivity for years.
  • Professional moderation and technical management the conference from one source, therefore no "hangers" where one person waits for the other because the arrangement does not fit.
  • Provision and management of interaction and virtual conference folder (VOXR tool).
  •  Advertising opportunities for sponsors (Conference and break rooms, VOXR tool, lead generation for emails.)
  • Reminder emails and technical notes, so that Participants a) don't miss the appointment and b) don't have technical difficulties and enquiry calls ("I can't get in!" is not available at GoVirtual).

What GoVirtual does not do

  • Virtual Reality / 3D Platforms (which only have a "basic platform" after 6 weeks and then have to be upgraded for 5-digit sums). BUT: We make exhibitor stands, not in 3D, but much more effective ... just ask us!
  • Training of external moderators. This would lead to duplication of work, duplication of resources and often poorer results.
  • Something simple ​streaming" (this is enormously complex and also the opposite of live and interactive).
  • Projects based on recorded lectures. (It's no problem to stream greeting from the CEO / Minister, that's fine. But to think that recording speakers makes things easier is just neither true nor does it improve quality, ask any TV producer)
  • Registration, or ticket sales
  • The notorious endless project discussions normally needing several weeks about formats and ideas. It's crisis. We want to help you to be fast. And efficiently. That's why we show you 45min free of charge how we advise, and how much you can achieve when you work with experience and systems.
  • We only work with the above mentioned Systems and tools (zoom, VOXR). An incorporation or combination of other tools would be too costly and cannot be afforded by us.
  • GoVirtual is only available as a complete package of all these ​features. The components cannot be booked individually.


How exactly do the participants take part?

Participants will be given a link to the VOXR Zoom webinar room, where they can either download a small client that will allow any browser in the webinar to work, or log in using a browser link.Webinarraum

In the conference the participants are mute and invisible. In the break rooms (zoom meeting rooms), however, you can activate video and sound.

Where do the speaker, host and presenter sit?

Simple: Everyone sits in front of their respective screen, and participation is also possible via tablet and mobile phone

Participants decide for themselves whether they are alone and use PC speakers or whether they prefer headphones. This is usually already learned and does not require anything else.

Headsets and ideally cameras are recommended for speakers. If not available, can be reached via Amazon prime the following day.

The speakers play your PowerPoint from their own computer. No stress of delivery, Speaker is happy about that.

Of course it is also possible for a group of people to sit in the same room and log into the conference via a shared access. However, speakers should use one computer alone.

Can another moderator moderate?

Unfortunately, no. Perhaps at a later time. Currently, the coordination effort would increase exponentially - and that would slow down the implementation of your event.

What technology is required?

Hardly any. You and all participants will have Internet-capable computers

Pick up participants If necessary, use headphones. This is usually already learned and does not require anything else.

For speakers, headsets and ideally a camera are recommended. If not available, will be with you the next day via Amazon prime.

Can Powerpoint / Video be shown?

Powerpoint: Yes, absolutely. Visualization is important when there is no other interaction.

Video: Unfortunately, no, for many reasons. BUT: Videos are excellent as teasers BEFORE the live virtual event, if you already have videos.

The speakers present only 8 minutes???

No. In total you have 47 minutes, which is MORE than usual. But better distributed: 8 minutes you have "fully under control". Here they represent what is really important. For more there is no attention online (there are 7 more speakers!).

Afterwards there is a change in communication: You collect questions from the audience. The speaker speaks for another 8 minutes, but now focused on exactly the topics that interest the audience the most. You can find out what these are with VOXR Virtual Questions.

And finally, there is an interactive coffee break where each speaker has his or her own room. for 30 minutes. And where he continues to talk about a coffee to those who are interested - while the others who are not so honestly interested in his topic, but not scared off, because the others are with another speaker, or in personal networking.

What would the process look like exactly?

You see this Agenda Grid here.

What are the benefits of a virtual event?

First of all, the goal is to achieve the same content and motivation goals as the planned real event. And to use the focus time, which has long been in the calendars of the participants (!)

But since the company shows that it reacts quickly in difficult situations, it will probably bring even MORE than the real event for motivation and employee retention.

Further profits result from the Comparison with "not doing it."

Information and possibly project rescue, image preservation, avoiding the impression that "maybe it wasn't important after all?

And opposite shift

Security and clarity, no more waiting to see what's coming and when

New location and/or (in any case) travel expenses for the MA

Can we also use our system?

If you have a ZOOM Webinar (not Zoom Meetings, but ZOOM Webinar) and someone with you who will personally supervise the meeting from start to finish and take responsibility for it and you will also take care of inviting the participants, yes

Otherwise, I'm afraid not. The coordination effort would be too high, we would lose valuable time for your event.

What does the GoVirtual package cost?

The pricing for the complete package for a successful start into virtual events with
- Platform,
- Consulting,
- Concept,
- Speaker training,
- Presentation by TV and online professionals
- VOXR tool
- Interaction
you can find here (click).

Virtual meeting interaction with the VOXR tool:
leading in data protection and simplicity


None app.
No download. Simply online.

​data protection  from  Germany,
incl. ​GDPR

Innovation leader:
​Repeatedly award-winning
in D, CH and UK.


Own branding: Everything with your CI, your logo and in your colours.

VOXR: Multiple awards

Gründerwettbewerb Hannover Region
Breakthrough Award 2017
Fresh Award
Launchpad Event Tech Live