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The world's first and only
Smart-Engagement Tool

Successful VoxR clients:


The world's fastest and easiest voting tool. Create polls with four clicks without programming and view results instantly in multiple formats.

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Why only vote if you can speak? Collect thoughts, questions and suggestions from the audience. Securely and easily enrich your event with the SMART method and algorithm.

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Cut the paper agenda.
Put the Event agenda on your subscribers' mobile phones and update them in real time.

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  • No Download
  • No WLAN
  • 90-95% Participation

Extremely flexible

  • Implement changes or new interaction in a few seconds 
  • Skip or exchange interactions at any time

Anonymous and secure

  • Server in Germany
  • Automatic and customizable inappropriate word filter
  • 100% personal support, incl. moderators and technical briefing

"The VoxR WordCloud Algorithm is really faszinating. The VoxR way of making visible intantly and at a glance what kind of input the audience is looking for in any given moment, is a true innovation which helped me as the speaker to easily tune in to my listeners. Using VoxR was absolutely worthwile."

Rolf Schumann - CTO EMEA SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG

​"We've been working with VoxR's Founder Tim Schlüter in a a great spirit for many years. The idea and the possibilities which VoxR offers to us as an agency perfectly complement our Event-Portfolio. Web bases audience interaction without the nagging download of an app makes creating agile solutions for our clients a lot easier. At the reputable CeBIT Welcome-Night with the German Vice Chancellor we could have the audience name their personal highlights for the fair. This brought the event really close to its audience. We're looking forward to the continued co-operation with the VoxR team."

Christoph Kirst - Creative Director, insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH

"Tim facilitated our Sales-Workshop comprising of participants from the three different language regions of Switzerland. We particularly enjoyed his facility to include some peculiarities of the Swisscom Culture in his speech, his professionalism from A to Z and his sociability. The webtool VoxR which Tim brought with him, was an added value and impressed the whole members including the management. Our French speaking guest were integrated in their own language (French) which for us as a multi-lingual company was a key factor for the choice of the host. I can really recommend Tim Schlüter and his company and would book him at any other time."

Dominique Grecchi - Head of IT Infrastructure, Swisscom AG

"We learned about VoxR's capabilities as part of our yearly volume car dealer congress. The tool enabled us to visualize the outcomes of our three different workshops in a very nifty and concise way, which received numerous specific positive mentions in our after-show feedback questionnaire. VoxR also enabled us to transfer the workshop outcomes in a very clear and visual way around the organization. Having made this experience we have already decided to use VoxR in a forthcoming training series too and are looking forward to the feedback to this new way of interaction in this series as well!"

Alexander Thill - Volkswagen Group Fleet International, Training

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