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VOXR makes Business Events SMART.

Votings and questions within minutes.
Agile conference info with one click.
All under one link.

No download, without App. 100 % GDPR compliant.

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Successfull VOXR Clients:

VOXR clients

Successful events with VOXR.
Inform, guide and involve your audience.
All in ONE tool.​






information with VOXR event guide


​ONE single link,
no download,
all in one.



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​Flip attendees view with ONE click.

Votings and questions within minutes.

Award winning and SMART event interaction.

SMARTE Interaktion

Interaction with VOXR
SMART simplicity. For your safety.

VOXR has won multiple awards for 100% event-security. 


Source: DWA

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Agile conference info with one click.

​Innovative and agile event guide.

Event-App ohne Download

VOXR event guide:
Your Event 100% digital. Just 1 Link.

Votings and other interactions usually take up 10% of the program.

With VOXR ONE you also use the remaining 90% to provide your guests with everything important about your event.

Why create another paper conference folder to be thrown away...? (by the way: "non-digital" people always have someone with a mobile phone nearby, so nobody is left out!)

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​All under ONE link.

​Everything just ONE click.

​That's how easy VOXR makes your entire event smart:

1 link for your participants. For event information and interaction.
1 click for you as organizer. Switch between event information and interaction.

                         ​Your control view                                       Your guests' ​mobile

VOXR - Modern Business-Events in a SMART way

​We give 100% for you and your guests.


  • 100% GDPR-compliant.
  • 100% anonymous.
  • No IP-Logging or storage.
  • Decicated servers, no 3rd party.
  • Password protection.

100% EASY

  • No download.
  • The whole event - one link.
  • Easiest mobile phone participation.
  • Easy control for event organisors.
  • In most cases no WiFi needed.

100% SMART

  • SMART controll.
  • SMART security.
  • SMART design
  • SMART interaction.

What event experts say about VOXR:

You notice that VOXR is made by event professionals

Due to the numerous experiences with other apps, we were not sure: Would VOXR really be better? But even our first experience, an event at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, showed that VOXR is really as simple as it was promised. The audience simply enjoyed it and we received a lot of positive feedback. The Control View worked smoothly, even on a small iPhone. From our point of view, VOXR is a successful overall concept, in which you notice from the first consultation to the event that it is made and accompanied by event professionals.

Jonas Riemenschneider Event manager, familie redlich, Agentur für Marken und Kommunikation AG

Distinguished at:

Gründerwettbewerb Hannover Region
Breakthrough Award 2017
Fresh Award
Launchpad Event Tech Live

Your whole event - one single tool.

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