VOXR Security

VOXR: Unique in GDPR and Security 
Enterprise-Level of Security for data and participants.

​The question of data protection - and also information security - is important. And a core of VOXR:

1. Here in a nutshell: VOXR is a leader in data protection and information security.


All VOXR-Interactions are 100 % GDPR compliant.
Exclusive to VOXR:
We do not even store the IP address of your participants.

NO IP-address

​VOXR does not store and log IP addresses.
This way you do not enter ​a hidden ​GDPR contract with your ​participants.


The VOXR tool is completely hosted on our own servers. We do not transmit event data to anyone and have no 3rd party involved.


Upon request, all security-relevant aspects can be contractually guaranteed in a non-disclosure agreement.

​Here are the most frequently asked questions + answers on data protection and security at a glance:

   The VOXR Data Security Philosophy

   Context and "Risk"

   Your Data is Your Data

    Personal Data Protection

   Company Data Security

    Optional: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    For Special Cases: Ultra Security