VOXR PowerPoint

VOXR in Powerpoint or Keynote 

VOXR is extremly flexible. It can run stand-alone or integrated live into your MS Powerpoint or Apple Keynote Presentation.

Here's how: 

Powerpoint (Office 365, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2016)



What these programs / plugins do is, they'll transform a PPT slide into the SHOW-View of VOXR, i.e. the page where the results are shown.

You then steer WHEN and WHAT results are shown through the VOXR CONTROL-View.

The VOXR Control View is just another website you call and it CAN be on the some machine as your Powerpoint / Keynote and Show-View, but - for simplicity - most of the time it's easier to have the Control View on a different machine and use it as a "remote control" for your VOXR.

If you haven't seen the VOXR Control View yet, start at: voxr.org/free/.

For any more questions, don't hesitate to call! 

Disclaimer: For obvious reasons we can't take responsibility for the presentation software (Powerpoint/Keynote) and/or the plug-ins, but they have proven reliable in the past.