VoxR Compass – Without Download

VoxR Compass:
All event information. No download. Finished in 6 minutes.

VoxR Compass - Event App, that's just NOT an App!

The "No-App" Revolution on the topic of Event "App":

  • NO Download, NO Appstore, without programming!
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    Created in 6 Minutes - can be customised live at any time.
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    Your own branding: logo, colours and corporate fonts.
  • 100% GDPR data protection. Anonymous. No DPA necessary!
  • Optional: Voting and audience Q&A directly integrated!

Successfull VoxR Clients:

VoxR clients

Modern mobile online, instead of "conference folder".
Saves paper, trouble, time. With one single link.

  • Event agenda digital - no more paper!
  • Floor plan, digital - no more searching!
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    Google Maps and Rail Navigator: Arrive on time!
  • Update function - so that everyone is on board!
  • Integrate your own or other websites directly - unbelievably simple!
  • ... and ​many more templates especially for business events!
  • ... and: Switch to interaction with just one click! (see video or below).

See why VoxR Compass is revolutionary:

TV and event presenter Tim Schlüter, founder and CEO of VoxR.org

Give your event guests exactly what they need and when they need it.
Instant updates, changes, every time the appropriate content - before, during or after the event!

With VoxR's dynamic push-content:

VoxR Compass push content_EN

VoxR is specially designed for business events. What is the meaning of this?

"Event apps" are usually too playful for business events, too slow, and often simply impractical in handling for the audience and organizers.

VoxR Compass is different. VoxR Compass is 100% Business:

  • Maximum simplicity. Because complexity costs time, nerves and of course: money.
  • No download, no appstore. Full control and maximum speed of change for you.
  • 100% GDPR-compliant. Nobody from the legal department has anything to complain about!
  • 100% anonymous. You don't need a works council check. (But you can also do this. Even gladly!)
  • 100% German servers. No Amazon AWS, no data distribution in the world. Instead. Full at any time: Full control of changes and deletions at all times.
  • Central control by you as organizer: You don't have to explain to your audience where the voting is. YOU switch the mobile phones of your audience to voting (or audience Q&A).
  • Own branding: colours, logo, and optional corporate font
  • Extremely modest basic design. After all, your brand should shine, not VoxR.
  • Highly integrable: VoxR can run in your business application. And vice versa, other services can be built into VoxR.
  • All business event requirements in one unique tool: Registration (optional, through partners), information, voting, unique method for audience Q&A, panel discussions, Q&A and workshops (break-out sessions).
  • Templates especially for the business environment. Finished with "Click-and-Choose" in minutes. Why should you reinvent the wheel?

VoxR Compass. Perfect for business event organizers:

COMPASS is that 'One more Thing'

The addition of COMPASS is that "one more thing" and opened up a wide range of great possibilities for us - even beyond the "classic" event. For example, the BevermannAcademy now organizes webinars with COMPASS: All information, all preliminary queries, all information to be collected as well as the implementation itself are handled interactively and collaboratively in COMPASS, perfectly integrated with the VoxR suite - really great!

Steffen Chalupny Managing Director BevermannAcademy

...convinced by extremely simple application.

We enjoyed using the VoxR Compass and it gave our event a modern touch. Compass is extremely easy to use.

The preparation, accessibility and support by the VoxR team was really what you'd expect from a business tool run by event professionals. I was happy to already recommend this tool to others.

Dr. Gregor Zehle Managing Director MEDITÜV

Test VoxR Compass for free now - and impress your team after just 6 minutes of click-and-drop:

Receive a complete VoxR trial version for 14 days free of charge:

You want more?

VoxR ist the most agile all-in-one-solution for digital event interaction and information.

Why not make the complete business event SMART?

With just one click YOU (not your viewers!) optionally switch from VoxR Compass to interaction: 

This is how it works:

Everything is on the same VoxR link, you don't need different tools. You completely control all the information and interaction. With a single click you can switch back and forth between Compass and voting/audience questions in the event.

The advantage: Your participants don't have to do anything. You have everything "under one roof".

Compass Interaction switch

The all-in-one solution for your SMART business event:
The event app building set, only without download. 

= All modules can be booked individually or as a package. Always with only one link!

FastVote  <-->  Compass  <-->  Cloud Q&A 

VoxR Compass

VoxR FastVote

Voting solution especially for the requirements of business events.

 VoxR Compass 

VoxR CloudQ&A

Questions from the audience: All participate. without any interference!

This is what other customers say about FastVote and Cloud Q&A:

500 questions collected in one minute

We used VoxR live in a global change process with 750 participants, of whom about 500 also entered questions. VoxR immediately clustered the topics live so that we could ask our experts directly about the most frequently requested topics. The anonymity of VoxR has also shown the frequency of questions that are really important, which actually has promoted the process. The simplicity of VoxR convinced us and has already led to inquiries from external and internal partners in our company. In any case, we will continue to work with it.

Michaela Bühler Head of Strategy Realization Office

... an added value and impressed all members...

Tim Schlüter facilitated our Sales-Workshop comprising of participants from the three different language regions of Switzerland. We particularly enjoyed his professionalism from A to Z and his sociability. The webtool VoxR which Tim brought with him, was an added value and impressed all members including the management. Our French speaking guest were integrated in their own language (French) which for us as a multi-lingual company was a key factor for the choice of the host. I can really recommend Tim Schlüter and his company and would book him at any other time.

Dominique Grecchi Head of IT Infrastructure

The cloud displays are particularly well received

The cloud displays, in which multiple answers are represented by a larger font size, are particularly well received. The software is easy to trade and the VoxR team offers fast support if you have any questions. We will certainly continue to use VoxR at one or two events in the future.

Nicole Barth Marketing manager

But ... doesn't everyone say you need an "event app"?

Why was an event app for download popular for so long?
This is due to, among others, Steve Jobs:

The Apple founder did not invent the event app. However he did create the basic principle of an "app". When Apple computers (with the fitting word play APPle / APP) began their triumphal march, many within the event industry wanted to follow suit and be popular. People thought: if it is cool at Apple then it automatically makes events "cool" too.

The problem:
An event app is downloaded on average only by about 25 - 30% of the guests. This means that 70% of the guests are already excluded from the event app theme before the first click is made!

That's why VoxR Compass is different:
VoxR Compass is your event app online. Just one link. Simple. No download. No switching back and forth.

Participation rate: App

Participation Rate for Classic Apps

For this reason, VoxR regularly receives a good 90% participation. And this is proven again and again from event to event.

VoxR Compass - the event app without "App"! Specially developed for business events.
Try it out for yourself:

Participation rate: VoxR Compass

Participation rate with VoxR Compass

VoxR Compass - the SMART Event "App" - without "App"!