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VOXR is (also) a team player.
We are happy to make business events successful together with you.

VOXR is not only a service provider for direct customers. But also for agencies, technical partners, moderators and locations.

As with VOXR end customers, the team focuses on one thing: How can the event be the most interactive and SMART? How will the event goal be achieved?

We fit seamlessly into the event team. Ask other partners:

VOXR auf der Cebit mit insglück

VOXR at Cebit with insglück.

Impressive how much interaction can take place and how simple!

VOXR made it possible for us to ask for thoughts and ideas in the shortest possible time, to present them visually and thus actively involve the audience. We particularly liked the flexibility of the tool, which enabled us to respond to our customer's wishes even during the event. We were impressed by how much interaction we could have with the audience and how simple the tool was. We received a lot of positive feedback from our audience. We will recommend VOXR in the future!

Nils Bäumer Moderator, Speaker, Agency owner

Fits perfectly in the time and to the wishes of our customers!

Web-based audience interaction without cumbersome app downloads - this fits perfectly into the time and the wishes of our customers. At the CeBIT Welcome-Night, for example, the guests in the hall were able to name their personal trade fair highlights with their smartphones. This brought the CeBIT Welcome Night very close to the pulse of the trade audience. We have been working with Tim Schlüter's team for years and look forward to more events!

Christoph Kirst Creative Director

You notice that VOXR is made by event professionals

Due to the numerous experiences with other apps, we were not sure: Would VOXR really be better? But even our first experience, an event at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, showed that VOXR is really as simple as it was promised. The audience simply enjoyed it and we received a lot of positive feedback. The Control View worked smoothly, even on a small iPhone. From our point of view, VOXR is a successful overall concept, in which you notice from the first consultation to the event that it is made and accompanied by event professionals.

Jonas Riemenschneider Event manager, familie redlich, Agentur für Marken und Kommunikation AG