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VoxR Modules

SmartTalk: Cloud

  • Live evaluation of inputs and immediate presentation of the result
  • Autoclustering by theme: Frequently mentioned topics are displayed larger
  • Real-time filter protects against inappropriate entries

SmartTalk: Q&A

  • Unique VoxR-SMART method by Tim Schlüter: Everyone sees your input, but only as a THEME
  • You alone decide which QUESTION you want to show
  • ​The world's only combination of transparency & security

SmartTalk: Live

  • For Advance users and small groups: Tracking thoughts, questions and input live
  • Ideal for small groups and meetings


  • Live voting without wasting time
  • Preset or spontaneous in the event
  • Choose from various display options


Digital interaction but paper agenda, spontaneous room changes and printing information from your speakers? It doesn't have to be! Use the VoxR Agenda and Info and bring your agenda and information to your guests' mobile phones.

Simple PDF Upload

editable anytime

Agenda for your audience

Extra: Feedback

  • Qualitative feedback in 2 minutes
  • ​What was good? What can we improve? At a glance and in detail for event evaluation

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Extra: Edit results and download

  • Live at the event or in follow-up
  • Edit, correct or delete topics and entire entries manually
  • Easy Excel-Download for your post-processing

Extra: Groups

  • Which group do you belong to? What workshop did you work in? Man or woman?
  • Ask different groups at the same time and show the results separately or together.
  • Ideal for quick workshop summaries!