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Involve your audience in two easy steps:


Input is simple for your audience:

Your audience will access the VoxR input website from any smart phone (it doesn’t matter what make or brand, incl. iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, etc.).

Your guests can then anonymously chip in ideas, topics, even whole sentences or questions via their smart phone.

The input is as easy as a Google search – but even quicker – as it will take each audience member less that 1 minute!

That’s right: No app, no installation, no registration and no password, simply get started right away!


See live results instantly!

See the top ideas from your guests live and in real-time!

VoxR automatically gathers individual input. VoxR then clusters and filters out any obscenities. You can see what your audience is “thinking” directly on your screen, in the shape of a cloud or in various bar charts.

As the organiser, you too need no apps and no software or hardware to use VoxR; your standard presentation laptop and an internet connection (can be 3G) is all that’s needed.

VoxR: Truly interactive. Considerably more effective.

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