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VoxR Smart Talk and Q&A

No more chatterboxes or shrinking violets!

Experience a Q&A with real connection to the audience right from the start! Tim Schlüter’s VoxR makes your viewers active participants and asks your audience for their ideas and opinions.

The 3 simple steps for an interactive panel discussion with VoxR!

1. Gather audience questions
(Duration: 2 minutes at most)

2. Instantly show the main themes and ideas live

3. Audience questions to the panel

The moderator asks their audience to take out their smart phone for 1 minute and input into their browser.

There they will find an extremely simple input field where they can write any question that is currently on their mind. (This works without an app and without any special hardware, networks etc., it is simply input into the smart phone’s internet browser.) The input is simple, anonymous and takes less than 2 minutes.

This is where it gets exciting: VoxR’s patented algorithm simplifies the questions by extracting the themes and ideas live, then summarises and presents them as a word cloud.

To see this cloud, you must simply switch from PowerPoint / Keynote to your favourite browser on your standard laptop and call up the results page.

While the summary is only viewable as a cloud, the moderator can now “zoom in” on the top themes on their tablet, look at the actual questions from their audience and use them to set the discussions.

The audience will always feel like a part of each stage in the process.

But it doesn’t end there…

…You can also use the clouds for follow-up work later on. Edit the spelling mistakes, put the themes together manually as well as automatically, delete any imperfections in the cloud. Done.

Now you can send the cloud to your event participants via email or on Facebook.

Or you can alternatively print out the cloud created by your event guests during the event itself and share it with your VIPs or all of your guests at the end of the event! Your participants will no doubt keep your event in mind!

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