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  • 1. How to save results?

    Of course you can take screenshots of all graphics. Both during the event and - if you book the module INSIGHTS afterwards.

    With INSIGHTS you can also download all original entries of your audience via Excel, keep them forever and evaluate them to your heart's content.

    This can be interesting for seminars (which questions did the participants have that could not be answered in the short time of the seminar, but are very helpful for the preparation of the NEXT seminar) or for those responsible for marketing (Where are the Pain-Points of the audience? How can you tailor your marketing even more precisely to your own customer needs and questions?)

    For evaluations, as you receive them automatically by VoxR (compliant with data protection regulations, because 100% anonymous!) as "add-on product", you will quickly pay five-digit sums for large consulting firms. At VoxR, INSIGHTS is included in the Professional Rate free of charge.

  • 2. Does VoxR need WiFi?

    The great thing about VoxR is: you often don't need any WiFi!

    After years of experience with subpar event WiFi, we have built VoxR so slim that even under worst conditions interaction is possible.

    Of course, we do not want the worst conditions, but the best! The best condition is often: mobile (data) only! Sometimes it is a mix of mobile and wireless, sometimes it is completely wireless.

    We will help you find out what exactly you need for your location. Please contact us via the contact form or give us a call.


  • 3. Is there a free version of VoxR?

    No, VoxR is not a free voting system, or online voting.

    VoxR is a professional business tool for really important events. The security, intelligence and simplicity, as well as the high data protection, all of which are required at this level, can only be offered if we have the means and resources to ensure this.

    However, you can test a full VoxR 100% free with your team. Here's how: Take the 1 minute test (on this page in the menu). Then you get offered to make a fulltrial. You can use it with up to 15 participants with all functions.

    If you are a speaker or a moderator, you can also rely on our Speaker + Moderator's full 60 days of unconditional return (of which no one has made use yet, but it is there if you need it).

    From experience, we can assure you completely: If you have a professional event, the investment in a professional tool is worthwhile regardless of which one you choose.

  • 4. Can I integrate VoxR into PowerPoint / Keynote?

    Absolutely! You can use VoxR Online Voting or Online SmartCloud and even Online Q & A.

    Microsoft Powerpoint runs with all current versions from 2013 onwards.
    Apple Keynote also runs with all current versions.
    Wherever you want, insert a "VoxR slide" using a plug-in, and if you have pre-selected this "slide" instead of Powerpoint, the VoxR Online Voting Results page will be displayed with your live results.

    It is also important, however, that you do not have to include VoxR in your presentation. (You CAN do this, but you do not have to!). Rather, you can use VoxR simply by switching to a browser: Via "ALT + TAB" on a PC. You then save the integration completely. When you press F11 in the browser, it looks exactly as elegant and edge-free as you are accustomed to by Powerpoint. And often it is even easier and more flexible (because now you can become interactive when you want, not just when the slide allows).


  • 5. What exactly can I get from VoxR?

    Thank you for asking! In the digital world of today, that is not exactly clear.

    So, when you buy VoxR, you get access to three links from the moment of ordering.

    a) The link for your event participants.
    b) The link for your presentation laptop.
    c) The link to set up and control your individual VoxR.

    These three links are your "main tool".

    Of course, that's not all. We support you with a step-by-step guide on how to

    1. Receive Internet
    2. Create and submit good questions / actions
    3. Inform your event"comrades-in-arms" (i. e. moderators, technicians, your audience, etc.) about VoxR in the best possible way.

    In short: We pass on all the experience from three years of audience interaction from the smallest municipal council to the digital summit with the German Chancellor - for a great event for you!

  • 6. How safe is VoxR?

    VoxR is safe in two ways:

    a) VoxR is event-safe.
    As professional event organisers and with a professional moderator as managing director, we know the importance of event security. VoxR is therefore not a "toy". VoxR is a tool from professionals for professionals. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why 9 DAX companies, other international top players, or even the German Digital Summit with the German Chancellor trust in VoxR.

    Among the points that make VoxR so event-safe are, e.g. - as feedbacks say - an extremely good inappropriate words- and negative filter, which allows constructive criticism, but does not give troublemakers a stage. You can also edit all entries, if necessary BEFORE publishing (we advise against it, but theoretically it works).

    b) VoxR is data-secure.
    Our team around VoxR CEO Tim Schlüter has been working with the top management levels of top companies and authorities for 10 years. Data security and data protection have therefore always been a central component of our company.
    The VoxR servers are not a cloud solution "somewhere", but real computers behind multiple secured barriers on our high security host near Nuremberg.
    All data that VoxR collects from your event guests is 100% anonymous. We don't know the sender or the cell phone.
    You can find out more about data protection at

  • 7. Can I test VoxR?

    Sure! Here we go:

    • Take the 1-minute test on this page. You'll get a feel for how smart and simple VoxR is for your audience (because you're doing a real VoxR action with your mobile phone, just like in the event!).
    • If you like this, you can also start a full trial right there. You will then receive a 100% complete VoxR. There you will see that VoxR is not only extremely smart for your audience, but also for you as organizer and therefore very simple! Fully usable for up to 15 people, 14 days!
  • 8. Which support provides VoxR?

    Simple: Any support you need. We're event-makers. We don't just sell you a tool. We make your event - together with you - significantly better.

    First of all, you will receive our VoxR-Guide developed over 3 years. This will guide you through the three steps, Internet - create questions - inform fellow combatants. You will receive all templates, all email texts and everything we use ourselves when we use VoxR. You don't have to worry about anything anymore, just follow us!

    In addition, we are always there for you on the phone, should you really not know what to do: Just give us a call!

    Optionally we can offer three more extras:

    1. On request, we can also advise you comprehensively on your event and pass on our 10 years of event experience to you.
    2. On request, we can also take care of the operation of VoxR directly at your event.
    3. And if you wish, we can also moderate your event.

    But most importantly, these last three things are just options. None of these are required, on the contrary, most of our customers use VoxR on their own and are very happy with it.

  • 9. How much does VoxR cost?

    That depends. VoxR is calculated according to the type and scope of the event -- guaranteed to bring you back more than you invest.

    You can find a rough estimate here:

    We do offer flat rate options, e.g. for entrepreneurs, speakers, moderators, training houses. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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