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One team - one journey!

We have one vision: Simply create more fun. So simple. So easy. Essentially, of course, at and for events. But there's more: we know that our customers don't always have it easy, our partners and we also know that a job in itself is or can't always be easy. Our vision is therefore: more simplicity and more joy in working for our customers, for our partners and for ourselves.

Our work? With VoxR.org companies like those listed above, help you easily spread more fun at your events - and get more value out of them. In Germany, but also in more than a dozen countries worldwide. 

This is only possible with a team that enjoys its work, is easy to stay and thus make others happy. Simple Vision. 


VoxR.org received the 2016 Founder Award for the city of Hannover

We are looking for new team members with (only) a native command of English or a native command of German for the following positions:

Event Consultants for Customer Service & Sales UK/US (m/f)

Event Consultant Trainee (m/f)

Event Consultant Internship (m/f)

Office Manager / Assistant (Part Time, Student job) (m/f)

Tester / (Student Job) (m/f)

Coders/Programmers (Part Time / Full Time / Freelancer) (m/f)